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CDLHN - California Distance Learning Health Network
 Facilitators (DLFs)
Distance Learning Facilitators (DLFs) play a key role in the distance learning process. DLFs are responsible not only for facilitating downlinks but also for marketing the courses, registering attendees, and planning all the logistics of the downlinks. In essence, DLFs are the people who make distance learning a success!

By getting involved in CDLHN's Distance Learning Facilitators Network, you and hundreds of other healthcare professionals can do the following:

Registered DLFs
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  • Stay current on the latest educational offerings in healthcare, immunization, and other related areas.
  • Learn how to effectively market and facilitate a course.
  • Search our extensive calendar and database to find the most relevant programs available to downlink.
  • Take advantage of CDLHN’s helpful resources.
  • Best of all, this is free-of-charge!

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